It's Not Just Lunch: The Jennifer Sprague-Mike Miles Story Has Officially Jumped the Shark

At his odd press conference defending the $185,000 salary of his communications chief, new Dallas ISD supe Mike Miles mentioned that he's never had coffee with Jennifer Sprague. It sounded unlikely, but you knew what Miles meant: They don't hang out. They're not bros.

But it was only a matter of time before a reporter -- it pretty much had to be a TV reporter -- went digging for the cold, hard facts about Sprague's and Miles' history of shared calorie consumption. And as the unearthed records show, it's a sordid history, involving not coffee but a certain colder, icier caffeinated beverage, which may or may not have been sweetened.

See NBC5's special investigative really special report below, and pay extra attention to the moment when Jon Dahlander, the district's long-time and lesser paid spokesman, has to carefully deny that his new bosses have ever been to Starbucks. We're so sorry, Jon. We're so, so sorry.


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Joe Tone
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