It's Official (Finally!): Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan Now Own Your Texas Rangers

In a few minutes I'll be hopping on a conference call with Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan, who, moments ago, received the unanimous okee-doke from Major League Baseball's owners to take control of Your Texas Rangers as long last. But till then, here's an excerpt from MLB's freshly shipped Official Release, in which commissioner Bud Selig mazel-tovs and high-fives the tandem on reaching the finish line after an excruciating journey:

"I am very pleased that Chuck, Nolan and their impressive ownership group have been approved as the new leadership of the Texas Rangers franchise," Commissioner Selig said. "Chuck and Nolan have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Rangers. Their passion for Major League Baseball as a whole and particularly the future of baseball in Texas is exemplary.

"In addition, I want to thank the Rangers' fans for their patience throughout this difficult process. I am confident that Chuck, Nolan and the entire ownership group will serve as dedicated stewards of this club by building a long-term, stable franchise which values its standing in the Dallas-Fort Worth communities. I am glad that the Rangers' great season on the field will get the attention it deserves during the pennant race."

The Rangers' Official Announcement follows.


ARLINGTON, Texas-Rangers Baseball Express LLC today announced it has completed its purchase of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and related assets from Texas Rangers Baseball Partners.

Rangers Baseball Express LLC, an investor group led by Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan, becomes the sixth owner in the history of the Texas Rangers.

Greenberg will be the Managing Partner and CEO of the Rangers while Ryan will continue as President of the club. Ray Davis of Dallas and Bob Simpson of Fort Worth will serve as co-chairmen of the Board of Directors of the 18-person investor group.

"I can't tell you how excited we are to complete our purchase of the Texas Rangers," commented Greenberg. "It's been a long journey, but well worth the wait. We believe that this franchise belongs to all of its fans, and we pledge to be passionate in all we do to bring you the very best on and off the field."

"We can now turn our full attention to continuing what has been a great season on the field," said Ryan. "We thank the fans and the community for their tremendous loyalty and support and we look forward to the excitement as we head down the stretch and into October."


Principal Owners

Robert E. Short
December 3, 1968-May 29, 1974

Bradford G. Corbett
May 29, 1974-April 29, 1980

H.E. (Eddie Chiles)
April 29, 1980-April 21, 1989

George W. Bush/Edward W. Rose Partnership*
April 21, 1989-June 16, 1998

Thomas O. Hicks
June 16, 1998-August 12, 2010

Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan Partnership
August 12, 2010-

*J. Thomas Schieffer succeeded Bush as a General Partner in November 1994

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