It's Official: In 14 Days Cobb County Will Name Michael Hinojosa Its New Superintendent

Moments ago, the Cobb County School District outside of Atlanta, Georgia, named Michael Hinojosa as its superintendent. He was, as expected, its sole finalist -- but as per school district policy there, they will wait 14 days before officially naming him the superintendent.

All seven members of its board of education voted to approve Hinojosa's appointment.

It's unclear if a statement is coming from the district, but Hinojosa will address some media members who've gathered at 3700 Ross shortly, says district spokesman Jon Dahlander.

The trustees in Georgia said they were "very excited" about getting the super. They used phrases like "an exciting, engaging personality" and "innovative leader with a proven record of success" to describe him. Board member David Morgan said that "Dr. Hinojosa will be a great leader for our school district. He's progressive, and he's proven, and he will continue to move the needle on student achievement."

Lynnda Eagle, another board member, said, "I am very excited about Dr Hinojosa. He's a successful, experienced superintendent with a results-oriented skill-set. He has tons of energy."

I'm out -- off to my son's DISD school for a PTA meeting.

Update at 8:27 p.m.: This evening, when he spoke to media, Hinojosa confirmed something I'd been told earlier: His son from a previous marriage, a DJ in the Atlanta area, is expecting a child -- Hinojosa's first grandchild. That factor, he explained, played into his willingness to accept the invite from Cobb County officials: "This just lined up perfectly." He says he will stay in Dallas through June 30 -- which is the week after trustees will adopt the 2011-'12 budget.

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