It's Our First Birthday. And We're Giving You the Presents. Mazel Tov!

One year ago today we launched Unfair Park; I know, feels like 13 and a half months, right? During that period, we've learned a few things -- chiefly, any posting with the words "Deep Ellum," "Cotton Bowl," "Standard & Pours," "Avi Adelman" and "Bible Girl" get read and responded to. In a perfect world, that's all we'd be writing about. Well, that and celebrity gossip, hardcore porn and the inexplicable ratings success of Mike Snyder and Jane McGarry.

So, ya know, thanks and shit. (We're just no good at sincerity, sorry.) And since it's our birthday, of course we'll be handing out presents all day -- and not just Best of Dallas promotional items we need to clean out of the storage closet, though we do have some really nice Observer flasks and umbrellas if yer interested. So come back throughout the day -- that is the point of this thing, right? -- and see what's available. I think we're gonna give this stuff away using trivia questions based on obscure information culled from either the Warren Commission Report or the Armour & Co. et al v. City of Dallas lawsuit settled on February 28, 1921. (Can't believe we forgot to mention the anniversary yesterday.) I do believe Mavs Stars tix are on the giveaway slate today.

After the jump, our first gift.

Before we get to the freebies, here's something that's been sitting in my CD stacks for a good seven years -- an unreleased cover of the Toadies' hit single "Possum Kingdom" as performed by the late, great local band the Tomorrowpeople, which featured among its ranks Gordon "Mike" "Buzz" Gibson and Ben Burt of Brutal Juice...who, lookie here, just happen to be opening for the Toadies during the Dallas Observer-presented St. Patrick's post-parade concert March 17 at Energy Square. And now, the circle is complete. This'll be up till day's end. After that, adios, mofo. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

The Tomorrowpeople, "Possum Kingdom" (Toadies cover)

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