It's Won't Be Exactly Like the Old Days, But You Too Can Cruise Forest Lane Again on June 4

Below, Big Jon Daniel was mazel-tov'ing us Northwest Dallasites about all traffic headed our way, up and down Forest Lane, once Cintra begins planting those managed toll lanes up and down LBJ between I-35 and N. Central Expressway. Which reminded me: Way back in January, Mark Roberts -- the man behind Rockers vs Mods -- sent me a note that he was planning a reunion for all those who recall (or can't, but swear they were there) cruising Forest back in the day. He's even set up a requisite Facebok event page for the cruise-in, though he says this morning a proper website's a-forthcomin' any day now.

And folks, he says, are into it -- as in, some 400 have already RSVP'd they're coming, and about the same number have given him solid maybe's.

"And to contrast that, for Mods and Rockers, 250 RSVP'd, and 500 showed up on bikes. This has gotten so big we're looking for a beachhead down there, but just like the old days none of the property owners want us, so we'll just invade," he tells Unfair Park. "It's funny: I have my memories of the early '80s -- I graduated in '87 -- and it never occured to me back then that people were cruising it since the '60s."

Turns out, Roberts, the marketing man behind 7Deadly Group, posted that T-shirt design above just Monday, and folks are clamoring for them. He's about to take pre-orders; ask him on the FB page or wait till the site's live. "I'm looking to pre-sell them, so I don't get stuck with 'em," he says. "If you need some Year Two Mods and Rockers tees, let me know. I'll make you a deal."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.