James Lee Woodard to 60 Minutes: Hope Is "All A Man Has"

As noted yesterday, 60 Minutes on Sunday will profile Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins -- specifically, his office's partnering with the Innocence Project to free prisoners using DNA evidence. Moments ago, CBS News posted a sneak peek at this weekend's episode: The video clip below is from the first on-camera interview James Lee Woodard's given since being released earlier this week, following 27 years of being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Says Woodard of his conviction and incarceration, which he's protested ever since he was first tossed in jail: "You can only go one day at a time ever ... I just did the best I could … every day I have hope, 'Well, maybe today will be a better day.' [Hope is] all a man has.” --Robert Wilonsky


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