Jenna and Barbara Bush Are Plenty Ready for Dad to Move Back to Texas

On the morning their pops gave the okee-doke to a $17-billion auto industry bailout, Jenna Hager and Barbara Bush tell People they're, well, kinda surprised by how Dubya was received during his stay in the White House. And far as both are concerned, they're ready for Dad to move back to Dallas, where, they figure, folks'll be a whole lot friendlier. Oh, and speaking of, Laura says George has only seen pictures of the new house off Walnut Hill Lane. At this point, who hasn't? --Robert Wilonsky

Jenna: Eight years ago, my dad was a very popular Texas governor. And I think in Texas, he was able to get a lot done because he was friends with Democrats and Republicans - Democrats supported him. So he was - we were very optimistic. I think maybe I was a little naive about how people would treat him. But he's never wavered in his decisions and he's the same as he was when we were little, his ethics. So that's something to be proud of in itself.

Barbara: And I would say we haven't see our parents as people change that much, because they've stayed the same to us and they've, as Jenna said, have the same characteristics and ethics that they had all their life.

Jenna: He looks a little bit older, obviously. He's been under a lot of stress, so we're ready for him to go back to Texas and be warmly received, I'm sure.

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