Jennifer Sprague, DISD's Former Communication Chief, Has Rebranded Herself as "The Strategy Maven"

It seems like only yesterday that erstwhile DISD communications chief Jennifer Sprague blew into town alongside new superintendent Mike Miles. With a $185,000 a year salary, the 31-year-old Sprague's name quickly became a synonym for "overpaid and under-qualified," and after about six less-than-spectacular months on the job, she quietly left just before Christmas.

"Career-wise, DISD is not the place for me," she told NBC 5. ("No shit," replied Dallas.)

But where will Jennifer Sprague go now? What will she do? The answers are, respectively, nowhere, and "marketing, communications, leadership, and change management."

Sprague recently launched a new Tumblr, dubbing herself "The Strategy Maven." It appears as though she'll be staying in Dallas to launch a new solo career in communications. First up, she writes on the site: "[A] short blog series targeting 30-something women with the family and career decisions that lie ahead in order to engage and share my own experiences."

Sprague is, she adds, "your standard 'A-Type overachiever." As such, she writes, "I decided I'll do it all at once -- husband, kids, career, and self. Maybe, just maybe, a few other women out there can relate to what I am saying and possibly have the answer to having it 'all.'"

It's not entirely clear what any of this has to do with communications, marketing or "change management," but we're sure all will be revealed soon. The site is clearly still under construction; the page marked "Strategy," for instance, is completely blank.

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