Jerry Jones Calls Roger Goodell a "Very Good Commissioner," Praises Handling of Rice Case

Jerry Jones capped off what's been a representative week for him with a vote of confidence for embattled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan.

After being asked "What's your feeling on the Ray Rice issue?," whatever the hell that means, Jones answered from the bottom of his heart:

"Well, of course, this is a matter that I take, we take, very seriously, we'll continue to do so. This is very troubling, the league has acknowledged its mistake and has made changes on how a situation like this will be handled in the future. We've just got to recognize it, and are, I believe for the seriousness of the issue," he said.

"The issue," in case it wasn't clear, is Ray Rice upper-cutting his then girlfriend, now wife, across an elevator.

"[Goodell] said he did not [know about the tape of Ray Rice cold cocking Janay Rice in an Atlantic City elevator before dragging her out of the elevator and onto the casino floor on a tape that the commissioner did see] and I believe him. The good news, not the good news, but we've opened up a real investigation, unfettered investigation and I think we need to let that show us the results and let it unfold," Jones went on.

The "real," "unfettered," "independent" investigation, of course, is being conducted by a law firm that's earned piles of cash from the league by negotiating television rights and is being overseen by two of the league's most entrenched owners.

The Cowboys' owner was then asked if he believed Roger Goodell should face discipline for the "handling of it."

"He's been a very good commissioner and he's acknowledged the he's mishandled this and he said that he'll do better in the future. He can, and I believe he will.

He was then asked about "the lawsuit" pending against him. Jones deferred to his attorney.

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