Jerry, Your New Stadium's Just Super

Forbes this morning features the "10 New Super-Stadiums" under construction 'round the world, and turns out that the billion-buck, under-construction Jerryworld in Arlington ranks No. 3 on the list, which is parsed by price tags, behind the New York Giants' new Meadowlands stadium ($1.3 billion) and the New York Yankees' new Bronx digs (also at $1.3 billion). Guess Forbes' research department didn't see this piece from Friday's Dallas Business Journal, which guesstimates that the cost of the new stadium's rising, thanks, seriously, to the subprime bubble going snap, crackle, boom. As in: "While it's difficult to put a precise dollar on the additional cost, financial ripples have already cost the city of Arlington an additional $80,000 since February."

Not that Jerry Jones will feel the pinch, as stadium costs approach $1.1 billion. After all, he's likely to sell the naming rights to the new stadium for a record price -- more than $20 million a year, more than likely. Not that we'll ever see the inside of the thing, except on the TV. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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