Jim Schutze Loves a Little Back Talk

One of my own favorite reads is Back Talk, the blog for the Advocate magazines, and not just because it gets a lot of posts from Jeff Siegel, who is one of the city's most acute political observers. It also just tickles the hell out of me that the publisher his own self, Rick Wamre, is sometimes a very un-publisheresque bomb-heaver.

I especially liked his recent take on Mayor Laura Miller, after she fired city council member Angela Hunt from a key city board for not agreeing with her about the Trinity River project.

Wamre wrote:

“[Miller] is nothing more than a political hack who seems more interested in her long-term political ambitions and keeping future donors happy than representing those of us who sent her to the city council in the first place.”

Wow and gosh. Obviously I am not speaking of my own publisher, whom I adore and revere as if he were my mom, but often it has been my experience that a typical publisher would not have a strong opinion about Laura Miler and would not even know who Laura Miller is and would not know where City Hall is and would not know too much about the difference between local, state and federal government but would try to sell me an ad even though I work for him or her.

So Wamre stands out. And I like Siegel because he always stands way, way out. --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.