Joe Queenan on Why Dallas Ain't Walkable

Writer Joe Queenan's always had it out for Dallas. The paper version of Unfair Park has something to do what that. We ended his career as filmmaker. No matter. He never liked Dallas anyhow -- not since November 22, 1963. Anyway. He writes for The Weekly Standard these days, among other places, and his latest piece is about walkable cities and how New York is decidedly not the only walkable city in America. Far from it. So he goes on to list cities that are. Then he gets to Dallas.

Philadelphia's cobblestoned historic district is equally appealing to pedestrians, as is the park along the Schuylkill that stretches for miles. San Francisco is a joy for walkers, as is Chicago, whose waterfront seems to have been designed to accommodate those on foot. Of the major American cities I have visited, only Dallas and Houston strike me as cities that are not especially walkable. This is, in part, because they are both quite vast, but mostly because they are exquisitely dull.

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