John Rody's New Zoo Revue. And He Needs You, Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller.

The Zoo Tapes: An interactive serial by John Rody | Episode 1 from John Rody on Vimeo.

I just discovered, via the wonders of Vimeo, the "trailer" you see above for something called The Zoo Tapes posted by none other than The Great John Rody -- one half of LaBella and Rody (and Mike Rhyner), without whom I would not have made it through elementary-school and junior-high mornings. As Rody writes on the Vimeo page, this is part one of what he's referring to as an "interactive serial ... somewhat based on the life and times of a legendary radio station, KZEW in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas -- the story of its start and end." Sniff. Stop looking at me.

Turns out, there's a companion website and e-tail outlet, where Rody's posted a 1-800 number, which fans are asked to call "to recall the good times and remember The Zoo." I dialed it, got Rody's message, then promptly hung up. That's a lot of pressure, man.

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