John Wiley Price Says He Has "No Idea" Why FBI Agents Are Going Through His Stuff

I sent one of our interns, Alex Scott, to the law offices of on-and-off John Wiley Price attorney Billy Ravkind about two hours ago. Turns out, John Wiley Price was there -- had been all morning. Moments ago he came out and spoke. And this is what he said:

The Dallas County commissioner insists he has "no idea what's going on" or why federal agents are combing through his stuff and the cars and homes and offices of political consultant Kathy Nealy and Dapheny Fain, Price's executive assistant. Said Price, he walked into his office this morning, saw "there were a lot more people" than usual, then turned around and drove straight to the office of Ravkind, who was also once Al Lipscomb's attorney during his trial for bribery.

Said Price, who spoke of the "adversity" of the situation, in his decades in office, "this isn't the first time they've investigated something." At which point, that was that, and Alex and the other media members on hand were escorted out of the office.

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