Jonestown Just Got, Um, Affordable?

Jerry Jones is an ego-maniac. A cold-blooded, bottom-line businessman. A ruthless competitor hell-bent on acquiring the biggest, baddest toys on the planet.

And, lest I forget, a friggin' genius.

Exhibit A is yesterday’s announcement of the pricing for about 50,000 reserved, season-ticket seats at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington. It’s timing, man. All timing.

Back around Thanksgiving Jerry releases the eye-popping prices and personal seat licenses for the joint’s elite seats, knowing full well he’ll absorb some public relations hits and initial fan backlash. Telling even your best, most affluent customers that they’ll be forced to pay upwards of $340 per ticket along with a nice down payment of $16,000 will have that effect.

But just look at him now. Relatively speaking, the prices for the majority of the stadium are affordable. Dare I say, cheap?

Hit me in the clavicle with a claw hammer and suddenly tugging me by the short 'n' curlies seems almost painless.

The new place’s least expensive seat – $59 – requires no PSL and will be only $9 more than the best value in Texas Stadium.

Now, mind you, it’s 200 feet from the playing field and you’ll be looking down on the blimp, but, still, watching football in this recession may be possible after all, no?

That is, if you can stomach the evilness of $75 parking. -- Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.