Josh Venable, headin' to the City of Angels

Josh Venable to Rock L.A. Hard.

Turns out, Josh Venable still works for Clear Channel after all -- only, now it's in Los Angeles. Clear Channel's Dallas market manager, J.D. Freeman, sends words that today, it was officially announced that the former Adventure Club host and KDGE-FM (102.1) music director is joining KYSR-FM (98.7) -- a "modern adult contemporary" station. Says the announcement, Venable will be holding down the 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. shift.

In the release, the station's VP of operations and programming director, Michael Martin, had this to say of Venable and his new gig, which reminds us of Dodgeball: "We're excited to have Josh and the passion for music he'll bring. Josh will take over 'The Bad Ass 8 at Ocho' and be a regular host for STAR Lounges and other specialty programming." He also says, no kiddin', "Keep your eye on 98.7 in 2008, 'cuz we are about to rock LA!" Awesome, dude. Awesome. --Robert Wilonsky

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