Judge Sharon Keller Picks Up a New Critic: The New York Times's Editorial Board

It's only been two days, but, sure, why not -- back to Judge Sharon Keller, who Fort Worth Democratic State Rep. Lon Burnam wants impeached for refusing to stick around a few extra minutes for a Death Row inmate's last-minute appeal back in September 2007. She's worth a mention this a.m. because "Killer" Keller, whose family does make one hell of a good burger, has gotten the attention of The New York Times's editorial board, which is behind an impeachment hearing and pretty much calls for her to git:

If the facts are as reported, Judge Keller should be removed from the bench. It would show monumental callousness, as well as a fundamental misunderstanding of justice, for a judge to think that a brief delay in closing a court office should take precedence over a motion that raises constitutional objections to an execution. If the facts have been misreported, the impeachment process would allow Judge Keller to set the record straight.

Patrick Williams spoke to Burnam for Buzz this week; he mentioned his chat with The Times's editorial board, which Burnam considers very good news for a guy trying to get in and stay in the news as he looks for co-sponsors of the resolution. He also explained why he filed the paperwork: because Keller's "attitude is 'I don't give a damn,' and my attitude is 'I do.'"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.