Judge Tosses Wendy Reves's Son's Suit Against Dallas Museum of Art and Kern Wildenthal

Why, what good timing: Just last week we got back up to speed on the legal doings brought in March by Arnold Leon Schroeder Jr., son of the late Wendy Reves, namesake of that estimable art collection at the Dallas Museum of Art. To rererecap the case that made national news: Schroeder claimed those masterworks were all his, to which the DMA said that's, well, incorrect. Schroeder also dragged former UT Southwestern president Kern Wildenthal and Wendy's attorney Edward Copley into his federal case, claiming they got off with some of his mama's millions. They too didn't think much of his allegations.

To that lengthy list of people who don't buy what Schroeder's selling add U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle, who just threw out Schroeder's case with prejudice, meaning: He's done. The entire ruling follows, all 15 pages, but long story short: Boyle wasn't at all impressed with the case he and his attorney (former WFAA reporter Valeri Williams) attempted to make. Writes Boyle, theirs was little more than "a long-winded, often meandering narrative" that said a lot but proved absolutely nothing.

And, Boyle continues, let's say she did believe it -- which she doesn't -- Arnold was still way too late to the courthouse. "Even if Schroeder's claims were cognizable and pleaded with particularity, they would be time-barred," she writes. Jump for the long goodbye. But be warned: The judge is a little testy.

Judge Jane Boyle Throws Out Case Against DMA, Wildenthal

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