June Jones

June in April: Catching Up With the New SMU Head Coach

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin hired college ball writer Mark Wangrin to spend a few days with SMU football head coach June Jones -- to see how, ya know, he was digging life on the mainland. Turned into a two-part piece that started yesterday and ends today. Probably the most interesting item contained in yesterday's package was the details concerning Eric Dickerson's involvement in recruiting Jones -- the former Mustang was, in fact, the first guy to reach out to Jones. Also noted: WFAA-Channel 8's Gary Cogill -- the "celebrated movie critic" -- was big buds with and a teammate of Jones' at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Portland, and can occasionally be found hanging around the SMU practice field. At least, that's why Gary claims he's loitering around the SMU campus.

Today, Wangrin gets three of Jones' four predecessors -- Forrest Gregg, Tom Rossley and Mike Cavan -- to discuss their respective failures at SMU. Says Gregg: "We had a bunch of things that were bad. We had a horrible stadium, the facilities weren't great." Says Rossley: "We had a lot of wounds on us." Says Cavan: "The academics were ridiculous. We had no chance in academics. I hope it's changed." Incidentally, the last man off the plank, Phil Bennett, declined to talk about What Went Wrong. --Robert Wilonsky

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