Junius Heights Welcomes Barking Dog Avi Adelman By Burglarizing His New House

When the news came out that Avi Adelman, who stood sentinel over Lower Greenville for a quarter century, had sold his Belmont Avenue home, he was cagey when asked where he was heading.

We now know the answer is Junius Heights, where he and his wife have purchased a modest, two-bedroom home. We know this because DCAD now lists Adelman as the owner, and also because he reported to police that his new place was burglarized early Thursday morning.

The thieves broke down the back door at some point between 3 a.m., when a contractor friend who was working on the air conditioning left, and 10 a.m., when Adelman showed up. They stole $250 worth of power tools from the living room. They moved a table saw but left without it.

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Adelman thinks the burglars had been watching the house, which makes sense given the contractor's late departure. Last night, Adelman spent the night on an air mattress in his truck, just in case they decided to return.

Adelman says this was the second time the house has been burglarized in recent months. A couple of weeks before he bought it, thieves broke through the back door and stole a stove, though no report shows up in DPD's public access system. Nevertheless, he views the new neighborhood as mostly safe and doesn't expect much trouble.

Perhaps it's just Junius Heights' way of rolling out the welcome mat.

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