Just Like Chase, The Good Guys and Your Engagement Photo, Dallas Looks Great Against Those Deep Ellum Walls

On the way through Expo Park this morning, I just happened to catch a glimpse of a few big trucks, some folks in sweatshirts and two cops all surrounding a bright red sports car in an alley -- and while my instinct was still to search the crowd for Bradley Whitford's mustache, it wasn't long before I caught the word DALLAS screened on the back of a few director's chairs.

Turns out, while plenty of perfectly interesting places like Joe's Crab Shack have sprung up around Southfork, the Dallas crew's as taken with Deep Ellum and Expo Park as the last few series shooting here have been. Not so surprisingly, it was familiar turf for the crew -- I spotted at least one Good Guys T-shirt and one Chase hoodie around the set.

As I had neither of those, it wasn't long before I was politely asked to leave -- though, should you wish to relive the glory days of 2010 and do some gawking yourself, it looks like they'll be shooting in a busier spot later today -- outside Adair's in Deep Ellum. Incidentally, today's the official first day of shooting on the TNT pilot; they should wrap within the next two weeks.

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