JWP: "We Need to Vote No to Jim Crow."

A crowd of approximately 75 Vote No'ers gathered in front of City Hall this afternoon in support of Mayor Tom Leppert and the convention center hotel; among them were Dr. Frederick Haynes of Friendship-West Baptist Church, former council member Ed Oakley, county commissioner John Wiley Price and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, to name a few. Haynes led off the shindig by stressing: "This is not a paid political advertisement."

Price, who Haynes referred to as "our warrior," said the person who has the most to benefit from killing the hotel doesn't even have a vote because he's not a citizen of Dallas. Of course, Price was referring to Harlan Crow, who has bankrolled the opposition effort to the tune of $2.7 million. Then he offered up this gem.

"A lot of us are brought up in the South under what we call Jim Crow, and everyone else is probably not going to deal in regards to this, but this is me. I approve of this message," Price said. "I'm basically saying that we need to vote no to Jim Crow. This is taking us back. Fort Worth has a convention center hotel. Houston has a convention center hotel. How dare they want to take Dallas back. So on May the 9th or April the 27th, whichever day you decide to go vote, I'm asking you to vote no to a man named Crow."

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