KERA Axes Think, The TV Show

KERA's teevee side sends word: In order to "remain fiscally responsible and to move the organization forward in an ever-changing media landscape," the public broadcaster has canceled the Friday-night version of Krys Boyd's chat show Think, which also features the great Jerome Weeks. It is also laying off six employees, says KERA President and CEO Mary Anne Alhadeff, who adds that the move is due in part to the uncertainty over Congressional funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- which, per last week's budget deal, will actually remain at the same level over the coming two years. From the KERA release:

The organization's annual operating budget is largely funded through private sources. Eighty-nine percent of operating revenue comes from contributions by members, business support and grants made by foundations. Federal funding, administered through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in support of KERA TV and Radio, comprises eleven percent (or $1.8 million) of the operating budget.

Congress recently kept Fiscal Year 2011 funding for public broadcasting largely intact through September 2011. However, Congress has yet to begin working on the details for Fiscal Year 2012 that begins October 1st.

"The position reductions and the ending of Think TV are part of an ongoing management process to remain fiscally responsible and to move the organization forward in an ever-changing media landscape," said Ms. Alhadeff. "Public broadcasting continues to provide programming not seen or heard anywhere else. We are always mindful of using our resources to achieve the greatest possible public service impact now and for the future."

Boyd's radio show will remain in its usual spot: weekdays from noon till 2 p.m. I blame this on Merten. Why? Jump.

Watch the full episode. See more Think.

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