Keystone XL Pipeline Opposition Gets an Unlikely Ally: Rupert Freakin' Murdoch

Yeah, you read that right. Media magnate Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, whose cable news empire has been almost solely responsible for crafting Republican talking points, came out against the proposed Keystone XL on Twitter.

This is, of course, a remarkable position for Murdoch to take -- and one the empty-eyed blondes on Fox News will no doubt assiduously avoid mentioning -- not least because the pipeline, a nearly 2,000-mile long conduit to the Texas Gulf Coast for Canadian tar sands, has basically become a bullet point, an article of faith, in the GOP platform.

Was his Twitter account commandeered by those tech-savvy youngsters in the Keystone opposition, Keystone Blockade? Well, Murdoch hasn't issued a retraction. Was, as @SWIMGUYCHICAGO suggests, Murdoch's brain itself hijacked? Or, to forward the second prong of his theory: Has Murdoch "reverted to the Communism of his Oxford years?" (Insofar as opposition to a pipeline correlates to Communism, we'll take that one under advisement.)

It is important to note that Murdoch's above tweet wasn't an isolated incident. His disdain for Keystone is of a piece with windmills:

The southern leg of the pipeline, from Cushing, Oklahoma, to Port Arthur, is already under construction. President Barack Obama will make the final call on the northern section, which will cross the U.S.-Canadian border. The president has already signaled climate change's primacy in coming policy decisions. Could two errant tweets from the puppet master push him toward a pipeline denial?

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Brantley Hargrove