Khloe Kardashian is Leaving Dallas

Presumably, anyway, after news broke this morning that her business partner, former basketball star Lamar Odom, has "parted ways" with the Mavericks, which is an elaborate way of saying he got his ass fired for being inexplicably sad all the time.

Funny: They came because of Odom, but you could argue that Kardashian, who drew thousands of people for a City Hall Toy Drive that Anna covered in December, made a bigger impact in Dallas.

Jeff Caplan has a quick reflective piece over at ESPN Dallas, in which he asks the key question:

Odom's mind was not on basketball throughout the offseason due to an emotionally difficult summer in his private life. He fell into a deeper mental funk when the Lakers tried to trade him to New Orleans in the proposed blockbuster deal for Chris Paul. Odom admitted he didn't train or work on his game. He contemplated not even playing this season. The Lakers surely knew this about last season's Sixth Man of the Year. Should the Mavs have looked deeper before pulling the trigger?

I believe the word for it is Yes.

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