Photos by Danny Fulgencio
At Kimball Friday afternoon, a pep rally with Common, at right, turned into a improved dance, dance revolution.

Kimball High School Students Get Schooled By Common, Dorrough at World's Best Pep Rally

On Friday, our own Danny Fulgencio was at Justin Kimball High School for what he reports was: Best. Pep. Rally. Ever. The reason: The Knights received a surprise visit from actor-activist-and-oh-right-rapper Common,

Freedman-fave Dorrough

and MTVeejay Sway as part of the nationwide

Get Schooled Challenge

intended to keep kids in school while getting their folks more involved.

Said Common

, the son of a teacher, "It's time for you to step up to a higher level."

Reports Danny, whose photos follow in advance of a more complete slide show, more than 800 students filled the Kimball auditorium Friday afternoon; they had no idea why (or who) beforehand. Inspirational speeches, improv dancing and one "Ice Cream Paint Job" later, it was, reports Danny, "far cooler than any pep rally I ever attended." Danny's notes:

  • DJ ASAP warms up the crowd as students file into the auditorium. It's very loud hip-hop you couldn't help but bob your head to.
  • Sway MCs the event, encouraging students to stay in school.
  • Common steps on the stage after some build-up. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Common kicks a killer freestyle session about Dallas and Oak Cliff. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Dorrough steps on stage after some build-up. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Common, Dorrough and Sway field questions on education from students.
  • Common raps for the students, they go nuts. Common invites students to come dance on stage.
  • Dorrough raps for the students -- you guessed it, they go nuts.

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