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KTVT Scooped During Sweeps?

Wuh-oh. Turns out, The Dallas Morning News wasn't the only media outlet holding a copy of the VIP list kept over at UT Southwestern. KTVT-Channel 11's Robert Riggs also had the list, as evidenced by a teaser that appeared on the CBS affiliate's Web site at 5:11 a.m. promising that "tonight at 6 p.m., Robert Riggs will reveal more exclusive details of the special list and the lengths UT Southwestern officials went to keep it a secret."

KTVT aired a two-minute version of the story early this morning, and it noted that "UT officials fought CBS 11 for months to keep the list confidential and said no one was available to comment on the list." Only, ya know, now it's all anyone is talking about this morning, and KTVT looks late to the punch. Probably sick over it -- but at least the station has one thing The Dallas Morning News doesn't: the VIP hot-line number. I called it this morning -- woman picked up and said, "Special assistance." Very nice, kinda perky, at least till I told her who I was. Said about 100 people have called this morning. Then I got the public relations VP, who wants to talk about the whole thing in about an hour. Now I do feel special. --Robert Wilonsky

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