Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Schizophrenic Rangers

Rangers-30 runs.jpg
The record. Still intact.

And you thought trying to figure out the new post-lockout NFL was tricky.

Try getting a handle on your Rangers.

Good news: In their last five games they've out-scored opponents a whopping 37-16.

Bad news: In those games they're only a mediocre 3-2.

That's what happens when one day you muster only four hits (two infield singles) in an agonizing shutout, then follow it up with 20 runs on 27 hits in a near-record blowout.

Entertaining. Just real economical.

The Rangers' run totals recently? Try 8-0-12-5-0-20. Sounds like really crappy Lottery numbers or perhaps the world's most complicated locker combination. But it's not the work of a consistent baseball offense.

Last night, 24 hours after being totally handcuffed by Brett Cecil, the Rangers tore the Twins a new one.

That's the way baseball goes?

The Rangers became only the third team to score at least three runs in each of the first five innings en route to 18 runs after just 15 outs. The 20 runs were the most by a Major League team this season and the third-highest in club history. The 27 hits were the second-most in franchise history behind only 29 in the record 30-3 rampage in Baltimore in 2007.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire raised the white flag in the 8th, summoning third baseman Michael Cuddyer to pitch. Of course, the infielder hurled a scoreless frame.

If trends mean anything, Carl Pavano will no-hit the Rangers tonight. Psst, trends in baseball mean nada.

Right, fickle Rangers?

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