Leon Lett Finally Apologizes for His Cowboys Blunders. Sorta. With a Snickers.

Got this letter the other day, from "The Desk of Leon Lett":

Even though I have three Super Bowl rings, made two Pro Bowl appearances and recorded 22 sacks during my 10-year NFL career, I'm only remembered for two mistakes. Including one monumental mistake I committed on an icy Thanksgiving Day in Dallas.

You know the blunder I'm talking about ... I don't need to remind you.

But I'm telling you that it wasn't my fault. I was only doing what my coach asked.

Ears perked. Curiosity piqued. Go onnnnn ...

To play hungry. I thought he meant to literally play hungry!

Gotta admit, I fell for it. Hook, line and Snickers.

For years Lett remained silent about showboating too soon and having a touchdown swatted away by Buffalo's Don Beebe in Super Bowl XXVII and about his inexplicable attempt to recover a blocked field goal against the Dolphins in Texas Stadium the following season.

At Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta he started sweating profusely and literally ran from questions and off the field during Media Day. Now with his college degree and back in the game as assistant defensive line coach during Cowboys' training camp, apparently he can now joke about both episodes.

   My friends at Snickers are helping me rectify nearly two decades of pain and anguish. ... Hopefully you'll encourage your readers and listeners to watch my film so they'll not only forgive me, but also forget that sad chapter in my life.   Sincerely, Leon Lett

Funny. Even cameos from former Cowboys' teammates Darrin Smith, Russell Maryland and Chad Hennings.

Perhaps Tony Romo should become a fan of candy bars?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.