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Less Than Two Years After Redo Began on White Rock Lake Spillway, an Official Dedication

As you no doubt recall, the rains of March '06 wreaked havoc upon the White Rock Lake Spillway -- retaining walls collapsed, and huge hunks of land were swallowed by the storms. Which is why, in August '08, the city council agreed to spend $16,748,070 to not only repair the damage, but upgrade the spillway and the land around it. Work began two months later. And on Monday at 10 a.m., per an e-mail from Frank Librio at City Hall, city officials -- including Sheffie Kadane, Jerry Allen, Dallas Water Utilities Director Jo Puckett and Park and Rec head Paul Dyer -- will mark the project's more-or-less on-time completion with an official dedication.

The official announcement, along with project details, follows.

White Rock Lake Renovations Will Enhance Neighborhood and Public Safety

City of Dallas To Host Spillway Dedication on June 14

WHAT: White Rock Lake Spillway Dedication.

The White Rock Lake community will join city officials to celebrate the completion of renovations to the White Rock Lake spillway. After two years of construction, the $16.7 million rebuilding project, which involved structural repairs and improved aesthetics, features new parking areas, promenade areas with plazas, separate pedestrian and bicycle trails for improved trail safety, landscaping and overlook balconies. In 2006, torrential rain and flooding damaged the spillway's retaining walls, parking areas, and other surrounding structures. Two years later, Dallas Water Utilities and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department collaborated on the spillway's design, construction and funding.

WHEN: 10 a.m. Monday, June 14, 2010

WHERE: White Rock Lake Spillway, Garland Road at Winsted Drive, Dallas
(Parking available on lot at Winsted Drive)

WHO: Sheffield Kadane: Dallas City Council
Jerry Allen, Dallas City Council
Jo M. Puckett, Director, Dallas Water Utilities
Paul D. Dyer, Director, Dallas Park and Recreation Department

White Rock Lake Spillway Renovations Fact Sheet

Project Background

In March 2006, retaining wall failures occurred at the White Rock Lake spillway after a significant rain event. Dallas Water Utilities took immediate action to stabilize the spillway and surrounding structures by constructing temporary repairs. In order to insure public safety, the City and its consultant team performed a detailed investigation and analysis of the spillway. The investigation revealed that many of the spillway structures need to be repaired or replaced. An aesthetic study was also included in the spillway analysis. This study presented conceptual improvements to enhance the safety and beauty of park facilities in the immediate spillway vicinity. Concepts developed in the aesthetic plan were presented to a focus group comprised of approximately 15 stakeholders on two separate occasions. The focus group participants provided beneficial feedback that helped shape the park facility improvement concepts. The consultant, Halff Associates, Inc. provided a detailed design of the structural walls and park features. Dallas Water Utilities and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department approved the design concepts. The project was bid and awarded to the contractor, Rebcon Inc. for $16.7 million.

Project Schedule

  • Begin Construction - October 2008.
  • Construction Complete - June 2010.
Proposed Repairs and Improvements

  • Remove and replace the retaining walls.
  • Provide architectural treatment for the reconstructed retaining walls. Remove the Garland Road parking lot and expand the Winsted Avenue parking lot.
  • Replace the existing concrete slope protection along White Rock Creek.
  • Stabilize the drop structure foundation.
  • Construct a separated pedestrian and bicycle trail between the pedestrian bridge and the overflow weir for improved trail safety.
  • Re-grade along the spillway at Garland Road for a safer slope along trail.
  • Construct promenade area with plazas at trail separations and merges.
  • Construct three overlook balconies.
  • Provide landscaping.
  • Relocate the 30-inch wastewater main below the drop structure.
Construction Facts

  • There was 12,000 cubic yards of concrete used, about enough to do 429 swimming pools.
  • There was 1.5 million pounds of rebar, about 60 truckloads. Assuming it was average #5 bar, that's about 425 miles of rebar laid end to end.
  • There was over a mile of drill shafts.

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