Let Bygones Be...Hey!

Two things we've learned about Terrell Owens: He can catch a football. And he can hold a grudge.

In my cover story on Owens' first training camp as a Dallas Cowboy, he talks about being "done" with former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb. In last week's ESPN The Magazine, Owens' first coach at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Buddy Nix, says, "I don't give interviews on T.O. He don't talk about me, and I don't talk about him. I don't see any good that can come out of it." And now comes this revelation from former Cowboys safety George Teague: "I been dissed."

Teague, remember, earned his place in Cowboys Heaven in 2000 when he walloped Owens, then with the San Francisco 49ers, just as the receiver was about to disgrace the most sacred star in sports. Almost six years later, Teague, who is now athletic director and head football coach at Harvest Christian Academy in Watauga, says Owens recently ignored him when he tried to welcome the newest Cowboy to Dallas.

"Have you ever approached someone asking for an interview and they just shunned you and kept on going?" Teague says in an interview that will air on Fox Sports Net's Pro Football Preview Friday at 5 and 10:30 p.m. "That's what happened. I just wanted to shake his hand and say, 'Good to see you, have a good game.' We had no conversation." Asked by reporter Laura Okmin if he would do anything differently in retrospect, Teague says, "I'd let him finish the celebration first, then I'd hit him. I'd want to get a clean shot."

FSN's one-hour show, taped before a live audience at the Fox Sports Grill in Irvine, California, is hosted by NFL Insider Jay Glazer with former players-turned-analysts Eddie George, Tim Brown and Jason Sehorn. In other words, this will be probably be the only week we'll watch. --Richie Whitt

Bonus Video: Or, Why Terrell Owens Doesn't Like George Teague

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