Let's Go to the Tape: From Costas and Deion to Some Kid With a Match, Reactions to Romo

Tony Romo isn't solely to blame for the Cowboys' loss to the Lions, described alternately as "epic," "historic" and just plain "embarrassing" (that's from the team's own website). The defense, stout in the first three quarters, surrendered 17 points to Detroit in the final period, including that three-on-one jump ball in the end zone; Jason Garrett called pass when it should have been run, run, run (or just: fall down); and someone needs to teach Felix Jones to count higher than third down.

OK, fine: "One player lost this game." Certainly looked that way during and sounded that way after. On the other side, a video round-up from The Worst Dallas Cowboys Loss in the History of the Dallas Cowboys, including Bob Costas's brief essay before last night's NBC game, Deion Sanders's noisy rant from the NFL Network, Romo's post-game explanation for the three picks, a look at failure in slow motion, the QB's run-in with the owner on the sidelines, and a father and son setting their No. 9 jersey ablaze in the backyard, which seems to be all the rage following a three-INT game.

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