Let's Hope Mike Miles Can Superintend Better Than He Can Dance

Note: Jump to the :35 mark for the dancing.

First, a question: why do people in leadership positions in Dallas feel its a good idea to dance in public? Because it's not. You would think they would have learned that after this video, which was apparently so embarrassing it was pulled from YouTube, but no. It didn't stop Mayor Mike, and it didn't stop new DISD superintendent Mike Miles.

He was welcoming teachers and other district employees to this morning's convocation -- the one many weren't thrilled about, and must have felt the need to make it entertaining. Whatever the case, you can see the results above as recorded by NBC 5.

I've definitely seen worse, but still. Can I go ahead and propose a blanket ban on dancing by public officials within the city of Dallas? Is that something we can all get behind? For the good of the city?

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Eric Nicholson
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