More fowl play
I wanted Lisa McAnally to know that she is not alone with her problem ["All fowled up," March 6]. I live in a nice apartment complex off of Haskell, east of Interstate 75, and the houses in our neighborhood have roosters running around wild everywhere.

The houses behind our fence are our biggest problem. You can see them from our stairwells. There are always roosters crowing and cockfights going on. Lately, there have even been pit bull fights that one of our maintenance guys told me about.

There have been numerous complaints by a lot of the residents here and by the apartment staff. Needless to say, nothing has been done here either. I think that Lisa and all others who have this problem need to get together and take matters into our own hands if anything is going to be done. Maybe then we can get rid of the noise, filth, and cruelty.

Kelly Briarton

Back the Sultan
I think your story "Sultan of Swat" [March 13] is the best article I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time.

Russell Fish is a man who should be revered by the community. Instead, he gets fined. I would not consider myself a fan of corporal punishment, but if parents today set aside minutes a day to spend with their kids, teaching them manners and discipline, people like Fish wouldn't have to take on the punishment aspect of helping these youths. He would have more time for tutoring and educational enrichment.

Erin Collins

Thanks for writing the article on Russell Fish. As much as no one likes the receiving end of discipline, thank goodness there are people who care enough to use it.

When a person truly has guts to do what's written as "corporal punishment" in order to help kids, great!

Yay! for both of you. I love kids and truly worry about their future when the majority of people are afraid to "step up to the plate," as it were. Preventive maintenance, love and education are where it's at. Thanks again!

Keep up the great work.
Rose Hanks

Homegrown art
Thanks for the wonderful publicity given to Texas' self-taught artists ["What is that, a muffler?" March 13]. We too are actively promoting and selling the works of these wonderful artists in our gallery, American Artistry in Snider Plaza.

In fact, although the article states that the Webbs represent Onis Woodard exclusively, we have shown and sold his work since 1995, featuring him in several shows. The wood carving featured with him in the photograph is currently for sale in our gallery.

Although we share a couple of artists with the Webbs (Onis Woodard and Rev. John L. Hunter), we also represent a number of other very popular Texas artists. Among them are Deacon Eddie Moore, Isaac Smith, Tom Tarrer, and Bryan McNutt.

Mamie Shuman

Rubes should read more
This letter is in response to the "hayseed rube" from Fort Worth [Letters, February 6]. Not only was he devoid of a date on New Year's Eve, he is also devoid of knowledge when it comes to the Dallas Observer. I have been reading this publication for many years, and, true, there have been some not-so-flattering things written about Fort Worth. So what? No town is perfect.

Besides, you should read Buzz every week as opposed to reading it occasionally. If it weren't for the Observer, many things about Fort Worth would have gone unnoticed and without praise.

I remember not too long ago how Buzz remarked about our fine museums, zoo, and culture district. At one time, it even mentioned how the Dallas City Council formed a committee to "Keep Up With Fort Worth." The silly rivalry between these two cities should just end. No one wins in a pissing contest. Lighten up, hayseed rube. Next time just pick up a Star Time and relish in your spoon-fed, warm and fuzzy, cowpoke mentality--compliments of your Goofy pals at Disney!

Angelo Pena
Fort Worth

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