Lew Blackburn Needs Your Help

A Friend of Unfair Park and fellow Dallas Independent School District parent directed my attention to the Web site of DISD trustee Lew Blackburn, which isn't nearly as provocative as Carla Ranger's -- though, of late, she's been sadly absent from the Internets save for mention of the 10th Anniversary of Dallas' African American Read-In this weekend at the Majestic. Still, our Friend would like us to mention Blackburn's most recent posting, a mid-school-year plea for guidance:

Let's take time to review and reflect, while looking towards the horizon of hope. Tell me what you think of Dallas ISD's past and present. Also, tell me what you think we should do, as trustees, to make schools better for parents, students, teachers and staff, and the greater Dallas community.

Our Friend's a little disappointed that since Blackburn posted this on Saturday, only three people have responded -- one of whom says the board members are "rude and inconsiderate" to each other during meetings, with another offering the familiar battle cry of "Fire Hinojosa!" Our Friend would appreciate our other Friends offering Blackburn some actual suggestions.

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