Like Glee, If It Was Set in Carrollton In '74

Like Glee, If It Was Set in Carrollton In '74

Waiting on a call back from Steve Leach, the so-called "buy guy" at Half Price Books, about something entirely unrelated to this point. But, to kill a little time, let me share with you a couple of items I picked up at the Northwest Highway mothership Sunday morning and converted from vinyl to digital just for you.

First up: a selection from a 1974 album recorded at Sumet Studios featuring the 1974 R.L. Turner High School A Capella Choir on one side; the Women's Select Choir on the other.  This, of course, would be Barbra Streisand's "People," because if Babs is good enough for New Directions, well, then.

Next up, in keeping with the season: the W.T. White Symphony Orchestra performing "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the 1973 Texas Music Educator's Association meeting in San Antonio. This particular album, which came with the event program, is notable because: The orchestra's director at the time was Chris Xeros, who'd go on to found the Richardson Symphony Orchestra, and because among the first violinists was Gale Hess, ex of of Cafe Noir. If you were in either the Turner or White ensembles and would like these records, let me know. I'm in the giving mood.

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