Like We Have to Tell You: Dallas Has "The Worst Commute in the Country"

That's according to TheStreet and Bundle, per this Wired recap this morning. And, yeah, they know: You've heard it before, no matter where you live. Nevertheless, they insist, this is more than just another your-city's-drive-sucks survey:

In this particular study, TheStreet and Bundle set out to determine how much people spend each year for transportation and what cities are the worst in terms of expenses. It also considered the average commute length, miles traveled and annual hours delayed.

To which Bundle adds:

Dallas had the unfortunate distinction of having one of the nation's longest average commutes (with a combined 52,077 miles a year travelled by its rush hour commuters), as well as costly auto expenses ($400) and a high rate of hours delayed (53).

Which, far as you know, is why I'm working from home today.

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