Listen to Radio Traffic From Tuesday's Police Shooting

It's raw and unedited, but here's a recording of radio traffic on the scene of Tuesday's shooting near Fair Park. It was posted to YouTube by Fire Scene Audio, an operation that apparently records traffic around the country.

In the process now of listening to the whole thing. I'll mark interesting parts below as I find them.

00:30 - "Get over here behind the house, now," an unidentified officer says, panting.

2:15 - Officer calls for an ambulance

6:00 - "Need some more officers and extra crowd control."

8:30 - "(Inaudible) we're outnumbered quite a bit."

16:00 - "Got someone at the station bringing the riot shields. You want the helmets also?"

23:00 - "I think people are just coming in just to be nosy, and it's a mess out here."

27:45 - "We've probably got a crowd of 300-plus out on this street."

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Eric Nicholson
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