Live 105.3 FM Will Let Russ Martin Talk On the Air Today -- OK, Maybe

Russ Martin, courtesy the Southlake PD

David Henry, general manager at KLLI-FM (Live 105.3), tells Unfair Park that Russ Martin will be on the air today. As scheduled. At 3 p.m. Like every other day. Except yesterday, when the station ran a best-of -- since, as you're no doubt aware, Martin was arrested on Friday morning by Southlake police following allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend on July 14. Last night, I posted a full recap of the allegations and Martin's denials over on Richie's blog, as Richie mentioned on Friday night that the arrest was indeed connected to an alleged assault on Martin's girlfriend.

Henry actually doesn't say much about the decision to let Martin back in the air. He's on "as of now," Henry says. In fact, there's a small chance Martin doesn't get on the air. "That could change," he says. "I don't think it will." But it might: He took Unfair Park's number and promises to call back if Martin's not going in front of the microphone. As for what Martin can and cannot -- and will and will not -- talk about, "I can't comment," Henry says. But this much he's clear about, for those who continue to insist this is a stunt: "It's not a bit." --Robert Wilonsky

Update: That was not David Henry who posted the comment; it was someone using his e-mail address. But he said at 2:08 he would "call shortly" with an official statement concerning whether or not Martin will return today.

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