Wyatt Cenac as Barack Obama

Live from a Dallas Private School, It's ... Barack Obama on SNL? Maybe.

Tina Brown's Daily Beast reports that four contenders are in the running to oust Fred Armisen as Saturday Night Live's Barack Obama -- and two of them, heyheyhey, happen to be Dallas private schools graduates. One we introduced back in June, when Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas graduate Wyatt Cenac made his bow on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a regular correspondent. The other local is Greenhill School grad Jordan Carlos, who showed up on FrontBurner today, where Zac makes mention of his ESPN Web shorts.

Alas, says the Beast, "Jordan Peele, known for both his work on MadTV and David Alan Grier's Chocolate News ... is the rumored favorite to play Obama." Regardless, a Carlos-Cenac smackdown after the jump. (Thanks, Gawker!) --Robert Wilonsky

First up, Wyatt Cenac:

What say you, Jordan Carlos?

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