Live Stream a Movie About the 11,000-Pound "Kinetic Sculpture" Now Hanging in the Anatole

What you see above is a 47-second sneak peek at a sneak peek of a film Wired.com shot at the Hilton Anatole during the installation of Reuben Margolin's "kinetic sculpture" Nebula, which was hung at Harlan Crow's hotel back in October. Reason I mention it: Wired shot about 100 hours' worth of footage from inception to installation, and in a few minutes, the Wired staff will live-stream some of the movie from the IFP/Power to the Pixel Cross-Media Forum in Manhattan. The Anatole presentation is scheduled to begin at 11:10 Dallas time. Tune in. The interactive film is scheduled to premiere on Wired's website in May.

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