Redbeard's no longer shining at Lone Star 92.5.

Lone Star Radio Trims Its Redbeard

Big change over at Lone Star 92.5: J.D. Freeman, Dallas-Fort Worth's market manager for Clear Channel Radio, says that as of today, local radio legend Redbeard is no longer the station's 2-7 p.m. host. Which comes as something of a shock, as it was only last April that the former Q102 music director and disc jockey returned to the air after insisting he'd never return to Dallas radio. As Redbeard told Unfair Park back then: "I received calls basically just about every year, and I was flattered, but I always said, 'Thank you and no thank you' just about every year. But this was an offer I could not refuse."

Turns out, Lone Star Radio wound up refusing his services: Freeman tells Unfair Park today that the station is going "to take a different direction," and expects to announce a new drive-time host in coming days. Also, the station's ad-free concept, hailed as revolutionary upon its announcement in April '07, is pretty much a thing of the past. Freeman confirms that, yes, after inching away from concept in November, KZPS had indeed begun running more recorded ads. "We just needed to change the line-up and make other adjustments to make the station more viable," Freeman says. "We wish Redbeard well -- he's a tremendous talent, and it wasn't anything he did, but there are things we can do to improve the station."

Such as? As they say in the radio bidness, stay tuned. --Robert Wilonsky

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