People love Love Field--the airport, not the movie, which sucked.

Love Love Field

During the heat of the debate over the Wright Amendment, some of us around the offices where we publish the paper version of Unfair Park were arguing about the merits of Love Field. Some of the old-timers hate the place and would love to see it demolished and turned into something more useful, like more residential and retail with lakes and parks--McKinney, I think they call it. Others just think it's a crap airport--small, dingy (compared, I guess, to Dallas/Fort Worth International),whatever. And some of us dig the place. Turns out the latter camp has a few supporters: J. D. Power and Associates surveyed customer satisfaction among airports, and last week it

released a poll

in which Houston Hobby and Dallas Love Field tied for first in the category for airports that handle fewer than 10 million passengers per year. (In the bigger airports, handling more than 30 million people a year, Las Vegas' McCarran International came out tops, while D/FW came in fourth.) Said the press release announcing the survey, "Dallas Love Field receives the highest ratings in airport accessibility and baggage claim, while Houston Hobby receives top ratings in terminal facilities." And in

an airline survey

released the same day, JetBlue and Continental came out tops, while Southwest and American did, well, so and so.

--Robert Wilonsky

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