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Lucky 13 for 11?

It's a good Friday, all right, when we have a reason to post a pic of Gina Miller. Look, that's just how we roll.

Ed Bark, as always, does the math so you don't have to: He counts it up, and with the announcement this week that Scott "I Never Said That" Sams would be returning to DFW TV on April 23 as co-anchor of KTVT-Channel 11's morning news show, that now makes it 13 on-air talents at Channel 11 who used to work at other local network affiliates. Now, of course, that number also includes some folks who've been there a while and recently announced their retirement (Only 15 months left, Tracy Rowlett), and it includes some folks who were bit players elsewhere and don't yet have full-time gigs at 11 (S'up, Carol Cavazos).

But, still, them's a lot of folks some of the other stations mighta shoulda held on to -- like, oh, ex-KDFW'er Bud Gillett and former KXAS'er Clif Caldwell. Robert Riggs, well, he's in a class all by his lonesome. So too, for our money, is sports anchor Gina Miller, who's more often found on TXA21 than the CBS-connected mothership. But, see, she's such a classy vet she doesn't mind the UHF address. And we're hard-pressed to argue with Channel 11 president and general manager Steve Mauldin's take: "Sounds like an all-star roster to me." Because, admit it, you can't wait to see Scott Sams again. Admit it. --Robert Wilonsky

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