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Make Room In Your Brain -- Not Your Wallet -- For (Free) Museum Day on September 25

I used to have a blast as a kid going to the

Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth

. Dad and I would load up in his lumbering, early '90s model Chevy "Suburbasaurus" and head out to Fort Worth for a woodsy day of living history. Of course, my fascination with the place mainly centered around the imagined romance of getting to wear petticoats while soundly beating local settler boys in horse races, after which chaste kisses would be stolen as Ma churned butter on the porch. Haven't been there in decades -- though that may change come September 25, which is

Smithsonian magazine's sixth-annual Museum Day


As of now, 14 Dallas-area museums will be offering special tours and interactive trivia contests as part of the event. Among the participants: the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Texas Discovery Gardens and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Per a press release: "These institutions will emulate the Smithsonian Institution's free admission policy and open their doors gratis to visitors nationwide. With 1200 museums in all 50 states already registered, Museum Day 2010 is the largest in the event's history." To get the free entry, register here, and admission for two will land in your in-box. You'll get learned up real good, and at the best possible price.

Toyota's sponsoring, which means staged Avalon test drives, too -- should go great with the whole Ma-butter-porch thing.

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