Man Found Scrapping for Copper at Love Field Now Faces Federal Charges

When Dallas police found Robert Schneider on the wrong side of a six-foot barbed-wire fence at Love Field in March, the 55-year-old at least had the wherewithal not to yell "jihad," or "Jesus" for that matter.

"I'm in there scrapping," he explained according to police records.

See also Turns Out, Guy Caught in Love Field Hangar Was Guided by God, Yelled "Jesus," Not "Jihad" That much was clear from the lengths of copper pipe and plumbing fixtures piled in a shopping cart next to Schneider's car, and from the wire cutters he was carrying, and from the fact that, when the cops showed up, he was laying on an interior roof in the Dalfort Hanger building some 20 feet from a spot in the hangar ceiling from which the copper piping was noticeably missing.

He was arrested and taken to Lew Sterrett on a burglary charge, which is a familiar situation for Schneider. He has burglary convictions dating back to 1975, and, five years ago, he pleaded guilty to engaging in organized crime.

Less familiar to Schneider are the criminal charge he now faces. On Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney's office indicted Schneider for entering a secure area of the airport, which is the same charge faced by jihad/Jesus-loving Ruben Martinez Jiminez. That's separate from the burglary case, which is moving forward in Dallas County court. That might be something for Schneider to keep in mind the next time he goes scrapping.

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