Man on Trial for Throwing His Girlfriend's Kitten from a Second-Story Apartment

Edwon Julian's case didn't get much attention when he was arrested in Richardson last July. Now that his trial is under way, the the Metroplex Animal Coalition and Dallas County District Attorney's Office are working to spread the word. Because Julian allegedly threw his girlfriend's cat out the window of a second-floor apartment.

That summary of events is accurate enough, but it hardly does Julian justice. According to police, the girlfriend had picked him up from the place he was staying in Mesquite on the morning of July 31 and drove him to her Richardson apartment to hang out for a couple of days and see if they could patch things up.

Turns out, they couldn't. They started arguing almost as soon as they arrived at the apartment. Julian worked himself into a violent rage, one he directed first at the fan that was sitting in the bedroom, which he kicked across the room, then at the girlfriend, whom he pelted with broken fan pieces. Then, he lowered his shoulder and charged her, paying no heed to his girlfriend's degenerative spinal condition and resulting frailty.

The woman's two daughters ran into the room at this point and tried to pull Julian off of their mother. They weren't successful, but they did give their mom the chance to pull out her stun gun. Julian freed himself and grabbed the stun gun, which he then tried to use on the two girls until their mom kicked it from his hand.

The girlfriend ordered Julian out of the apartment, and he grabbed his things to go. On his way to the front door, he spotted a 3-month-old kitten which, according to police, he spun over his head by the tail and flung it from the second-floor landing. It landed 20 feet away by the mail building.

The girlfriend had some scratches but wasn't seriously injured. The kitten, on the other hand, was. When officers arrived, they found the tiny gray animal lying on the bed. "The kitten was still alive but was clearly injured and in distress and appeared to have a broken back," officers wrote. It died a short time later. (Update: Its name was Kisses.)

Julian's charged with family violence assault and animal cruelty, both felonies. He faces anywhere between two and 20 years in prison if convicted. The Facebook jury has already rendered its verdict: "[H]ow bout let's throw him from a 20th floor apt balcony."

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