Mark Cuban Tees Off on SEC After Insider-Trading Victory

After five years of litigation and a three-week trial, it took a jury all of a couple of hours to decide that, contrary to the Securities and Exchange Commission, there was no evidence that Mark Cuban was guilty of insider trading.

Outside the courthouse, a newly vindicated Cuban briefed a gaggle of reporters, using the opportunity to blast the SEC for a solid six minutes.

"It's personal," Cuban says. "When you put someone on the stand and accuse them of being a liar, it's personal. When you take all these years of your life and try to prove a point, it's personal. And to try to play it off like this is just your job -- again, I don't want to say that's the way all the SEC works but the people that were in this case could have said something and they didn't say anything and that's just wrong."

Et cetera.

(h/t Frontburner)


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