Matt "D'Oh" Doherty

By now, it's pretty well known that SMU men's basketball coach Matt Doherty has a blog; who doesn't have one? (Speaking of, there's at least one Dallas Morning News staffer taking the buyout who's gonna start one; who's doing it and what it's about, well, we cannot and will not say yet, but it should be essential reading.) Anyway, Doherty's a real fascinating guy; whenever I start to think Unfair Park's off the Midway, all I have to do is think about this sentence--"In the last blog I explained the finer points of finding your car in the parking lot in July"--and all's right with the world.

Well, a sports station in North Carolina, where Doherty used to coach till he moved to the Hilltop, and other UNC fans ain't taking too kindly to Doherty's recent reference to SMU as "The Duke of Dallas." They figure he's showing move love toward the Tar Heels' rivals than toward the old home team, which is about as insignificant a sports controversy as the one over who's gonna start at quarterback for Your Dallas Cowboys. For whatever reason, Doherty felt the need to respond. Hey, I understand--who doesn't put off the important stuff (like coaching or writing Best of Dallas items) when you can post to the blog? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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