Matt Pulle's Still Writing About Lupe Valdez. Just Not for Unfair Park.

You remember Matt Pulle, right? Sure you do. Used to work here. Used to write plenty of pieces about Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez -- like, oh, how she didn't pass her law-enforcement exam, for starters, and wasn't very good at sending e-mails. Then he left for Nashville for a couple of years, only to return to Texas ... to write about Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, lookie there. Specifically, Matt's writing today about Valdez's attempts to hang on to her job, which may prove difficult with Republican challenger Lowell Cannaday breathing down her starched collar and Web sites like last week's find popping up. And then there's this from Matt's piece for Texas Watchdog:

“I am a Democrat, and unfortunately I am going to have to support Lupe Valdez, ” says Jesse Diaz, a president of a local LULAC chapter. “The previous sheriff left a mess for her to clean up -- and a lot of this was left on her lap. But she’s made some mistakes, and clearly she’s paying the price.”

No doubt, Valdez is deeeee-lighted Matt's back on her case. Because I don't think she liked him much. Can't recall why. --Robert Wilonsky

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